The Best BBQ Sandwich in San Marcos, TX

Come to Black’s for the best BBQ sandwich in town!


When it comes to Barbecue, there is one menu item that people all over the world rave about: the barbecue sandwich. It is such a simple idea but it tastes so great. There is nothing quite like a sandwich with delicious barbecue meats, sauce, pickles, onions, and the other toppings we all know and love. If you are in San Marcos and looking for a place to get one, come on over to Black’s!

Ken Black’s is the best place to get a BBQ sandwich in San Marcos, TX. At our restaurant you can get a double or single meat sandwich with one of our delicious, hand prepared barbecue meats. We have all the topping you love at the restaurant, and you can even put them on the sandwich yourself, ensuring you get the amount you want. If you make your sandwich a combo, you can get a bag of chips and a fountain drink or tea with it as well!

If you like having delicious sides with your sandwich, then you’re in luck. Black’s has a huge selection of the classic barbecue sides we all know and love, including potato salad, cole slaw, beans, mac n cheese, and more! If you saved room for dessert, be sure to try some of our cobbler, pudding, and ice cream!

It’s easy to see why Black’s is the best place to get a BBQ sandwich in San Marcos, TX. with such a great selection of meats, sides, toppings, and desserts, you will be glad you stopped by. To make it even better, we frequently have live music at our restaurant, so you can enjoy your BBQ sandwich in San Marcos, TX while listening to live performances from some of the best local bands. If you are craving a BBQ sandwich in San Marcos, TX, stop by Black’s today! You definitely won’t leave hungry!